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Welcome to your one stop

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Are your trying to - Set up your new Laptop ? fixing that old desktop? installation of router for internet? getting rid of those nasty viruses & spywares? work with that old printer of yours? or reconfiguring your mail settings.


If you are looking for a one stop shop for any or all such problems without being passed around on someone else chances are you are still looking…..


We know that because, over the years, while dealing with large networks of big organizations we have come across a considerable number of home users who were at their wits end with their existing support organization.


That’s why we came into picture and besides the usual server support we provide to businesses, we have come up with a mature, high quality PC Support, especially designed for home users. Our solutions and support services are comprehensive and trust worthy backed by our server engineering team which acts as the escalation point to ensure better results each time.

And if that’s not all we are even promising you to provide 100% money back guarantee if your issue is still unresolved.

We love our customers and they love us! Read testimonials from those who have taken services from us and get an insight into whether “Ryma Technologies” is the company you should get services from for the best in IT services and support for your PC.

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